Teva Mountain Games Slopestyle 2010

Kyle has been designing the slopestyle for the Teva Mountain Games for 6 years.

The 2010 course begins with a 10′ x 10′ drop that rips to a berm that sets you up for a 6 foot lip. The new feature this year is a a quarter that you can foof or air to turn around. That brings you to the main line witha 7′ kicker to an 18′ gap to a giant on-off with option lines; a straight drop drop or a lip. The finish is a 7.5′ lip with a moto-style tranny to launch you over a 20-something gap.


Teva Mountain Games 2010 Course Walkthrough Video

GoPro POV Video of Eric Lawrenuk riding the Teva Mountain Games slopestyle course

Teva Mountain Games website

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