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Kyle Ebbett Year in Review 2011

January | February | March

The winter had a tough start for me. I just came off of a great summer and then in October, I found out I had brain tumor. In the 6 weeks leading up to the surgery, I rode as much as possible. Shawn Spomer of VitalMTB.com posted a slideshow of sweet photos dating back to 2002. Good Times with Kyle Ebbett | Vital MTB

I had the surgery in December and the toughest off-season training of my life. I focused and worked hard in my therapy sessions and regained strength and coordination as fast as possible. I felt huge improvements in February, but like any bone, the skull needs 4 months to heal. I was cleared to ride the trampoline and cross country ski. No bike yet.

4 months after surgery, I was cleared to ride and drive. I headed to Highland Training Center to see if I could still flip and spin. I met up with Aaron Chase and he shot this video, which was also featured in Decline Magazine via QR code.

April | VitalMTB.com Shot of the Day

The April 3rd 2011 shot of the day on VitalMTB.com was this shot Shawn Spomer took of me tire tapping this sculpture in Burlington, VT. It was originally published in Litter Magazine.

April | Sea Otter

In April, I headed to California for the Sea Otter Classic and the Aptos Jumps Jam I worked with Lee McCormack from Lee Like Bikes to build the Pro pump track for the Sea Otter.

April | Aptos Jump Jam

Kyle Ebbett Post Office jumps

May | Dominion River Rock Festival

In early May, I headed to Virginia for the Riverrock Festival, a sports and music festival on the Richmond waterfront. I’ve been the bike event announcer for 3 years while also helping Jeff Lenosky build mountain bike course.

May | June | Teva Mountain Games

In the End of May, I started building the Teva Mountain Games Slopestyle Course. I’ve been involved with the Teva Mountain Games and the Vail Valley Foundation since 2006. The event has evolved from a big air competition to a full-on slopestyle course. This year’s course had the biggest obstacles yet.

Here’s a great edit of the Teva Mountain Games Slopestyle 2011 from Plus Size BMX

Go Pro Footage from 2011 Teva Mountain Game Champion Mike Montgomery

June | Decline Magazine

The June Issue of Decline Magazine updated the bike community about my recovery from brain surgery.

June | Kyle Ebbett Jump Jam, Wilmington Youth Center

We had some fierce storms at the end of May and bad flooding. With just a few hours of work, the jumps were back in shape. The jam was a big success. It seemed like the whole town was sessioniong the pump track.

June | Filming with Skyline Media

Henry Miles of Skyline media came to my trails to do some filming of myself and Ryan McEvoy. Also posted on VitalMTB.com

June | Claymore Challenge

This is my third year announcing the Claymore Challenge and my second doing the live webcast with DH Productions. Unfortunately, it rained and rained, so I spent a lot time in the HTC and riding the Sherwood Forest dirt jumps. My way of waiting around, I guess.

July | Crankworx Colorado

For 2011, I was hired by Winter Park resort to build the biggest slopestyle course ever for Crankworx Colorado. After building the slopestyle and dual slalom courses, I hopped on the mic and provided color commentary for the live webcast.

On Off Construction for Crankworx Colorado 2011

Click on image to view On/Off Construction Video on PinkBike.com

The Decline Magazine coverage gave me lots of props for the course build.

“As a long time competitive rider himself, Ebbett knows exactly how to put together a course that everyone can throw down on.” Decline Magazine November 2011. In this pic Cam McCaul throws a front flip tuck no-hander over the “Hooter Booter.”

Decline Magazine “The final jump was a big step-up with a super poppy lip, perfect for throwing down big tricks.”

” Everyone I talked to was pumped on the build and stoked to be riding the course.”

August | Green Mountain Show Down

In August, I shot a lot with Berne Broudy for the Green Mountain showdown photo contest. The objective was to capture Vermont mountain bike culture. We shot all over the state of Vermont and captured some amazing sunrise shots on top of Burke Mountain. This is Berne’s submission. Click here to see photos from the shoot.

October Filming/Shooting

Ben Haulenbeek is making a video about my recovery from brain surgery. We shot video and stills in my backyard along with Ian from PocketWizard.

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