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2 01 2013
Ebbett Sherwood Forest Wallride

Kyle riding the Sherwood Forest at Highland Mountain Bike Park. Photo: Dave Smutok

Here is an exerpt from the article Catchin’ Up with the Pros on

MTBVT: Favorite VT trail or trail system when you first arrived on the scene 12 years ago and now?

Kyle: I moved to Vermont 12 years ago and was really scared because I always thought the riding season was short and muddy… Well I was way wrong! I moved to Richmond first and was still traveling too much to find and ride all the good spots. I live in Essex now and I’m surrounded by amazing trails and jump parks! I travel less and have found myself in the NEK a lot. But my favorite out the door ride is Saxon Hill, they have it all over there! Thanks to the Fellowship of the Wheel and all their hard work!

MTBVT: Machine built, bench cut, or classic rake ‘n ride?

Kyle: All of the above! I believe in making trails as amazing as possible. MTB’ers hate golfers… But golfers take them to school when it comes to etiquette and maintenance! It’s a joke. They fix their divots and rake the bunkers. If I ran a resort trail system it would be buffed out every day! And there would be grass and flowers everywhere. I would also educate people on trail etiquette and how to fix their (divots) berm blow outs and (rake the bunkers) clean sticks and rocks off the trail that you caused. Yes, there are some people that are clueless that they just blew out a turn or left a big ass case mark on a landing of a jump. But one day I hope we stop this.



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