Brain Surgery

13 12 2010

Kyle will be going into the hospital on Thursday, December 16th to have a brain tumor removed. He had a seizure a few weeks ago while playing golf. CTs and MRIs revealed a mass on his right frontal lobe. The one seizure has been his only symptom and he’s been riding a lot since then with McEvoy and crew… until the snow came.

Kyle icicle gun

Kyle will be at Fletcher-Allen Hospital in Burlington, VT. He will be in the ICU and then recover in the hospital for a few days before he comes home. Visitation will be restricted, so please contact me at prior to dropping by the hospital or the house.

His friends and fans have been super supportive and he really appreciates all the kind words and positive thoughts. We are expecting a full recovery; just a little down time in front of the Wii and Xbox and on his indoor putting green.

I will give updates on Facebook and Twitter. Links are on the right of this page if you would like to become a Friend or Follower. Facebook is also the best place to send a message to Kyle.

Click here for the Fletcher-Allen Hospital Visitor information.

Shawn Spomer posted a really sweet photo slideshow called “Good Times with Kyle Ebbett” on vitalmtb. Many more good times to come! Click on the logo below.



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